Friday, November 18, 2011

Ratzinger and Gantin

One of the things that the Pope will do in the visit to Benin is to visit the grave of Bernardin Cardinal Gantin. Rocco Palmo has an interesting account of their collaboration.

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pelerin said...

The booklet for the Pope's visit to Benin is on line and it is good to see the following information on the Mass taking place on Sunday:-

'With all its different languages we have not hesitated to use the universal language of the Church, Latin, which has the advantage of unifying the prayers of all those present.'

They are going to sing the Missa di Angelis and the Pope will use Latin for the Eucharistic prayer I.

They will also have prayers in Lingala, Ditamari, Mina, Idancha, Bariba and Lokpa which will be interesting to hear but how nice to read of the use of Latin uniting the peoples of so many different languages.

The Mass can be seen on kto at 8 am our time on Sunday morning.

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