Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Strong Families Equal Strong Economies

When the 7 billionth child was born at the beginning of the month the BBC actually allowed a few people to say that in Europe we were facing a demographic winter, and that in Africa and Asia the numbers surviving childhood are quickly sinking to below replacement level.
Francis Phillips in the Herald argues Bishops should stop worrying about decline and start encouraging couples to be open to life.
In the threatened coming economic Apocalypse, if pensions and other forms of social support fail won't ther family grow in importance?

( Solutions to the world's economic worries are being presented in all shapes and sizes. But one area which is often overlooked and plays a critical role in development is the family. An economic forum was held in Rome to examine the role of the family on the economy. Brad Wilcox is the director of the National Marriage Project. He says that societies and economies will flourish if children are raised in a healthy family setting.

Bradley Wilcox
Director, “National Marriage Project” (USA)
“We know that kids are more likely to get the human and the social capital that they need to flourish both in life and the market when they're raised by intact, married parents.”

Groups like the National Marriage Project study different ways in which governments associate with the family.

Some countries have public policies that specifically promote family life. Finland for instance offers a 'child credit' that families can spend in ways they see best fit to raise their children. This often means one parent is able to take more time to spend at home with their children.

Policies like those in Finland is something the National Marriage Project is trying to promote everywhere.

Bradley Wilcox
Director, “National Marriage Project” (USA)
“What we've talked about today really is that the family plays a crucial role in providing and sort of cultivating the future workers, consumers, and tax payers of the modern world. And the family is often neglected in the consideration of the economy of the welfare of business.”

The studies presented at this “Meeting on the Family” suggest it's in a country's long term interest to promote the family unit.

The group is not only suggesting public policy. They also promote steps that can be taken by private businesses such as maternity leave and benefits associated with raising a family.


Pablo the Mexican said...

There is a documentary called Demographic Winter:

I think it is weird that places like China have built 'Ghost Cities' as shown in the movies.

America also has concentration camps built or former Amtrak Train Stations converted for the riots that will take place as Demographic Winter hits riot proportions:

The gas chambers will first be used to gas the Priests that hold fast to Tradition, followed by the Faithful.

Demographic Winter is the next step after contraception, abortion, euthanasia, and promotion of Homosexual sex.

It is Satan's response to

"Go forth and multiply"

It is interesting that most people look upon this evil as a bunch of statistics, charts and graphs, rather than realize they are looking Satan right in the face.

Strong Families Equal Strong Economies.


Used to be Strong Families mean even stronger Faith.

That is what the Hierarchy of Holy Mother Church used to espouse.


Physiocrat said...

Isn't this putting the cart before the horse?

The experience of most people born in Britain since 1900 will be first, father going off to fight for their country, though most of them did not own a single square inch of it and many never would. When the survivors returned from the war, many of them were nervous wrecks and impossible to live with. This gave their children a poor model of how to behave and many of the present difficulties can be traced back to the war and its aftermath. None of that was conducive to strong families. People were made to pay the price of Empire - the country's involvement in two world wars.

Throughout that time there has been a chronic housing shortage, with cramped housing only barely affordable in areas where there was a decent chance of earning a livelihood.

From the 1930s onwards, traditional industries were allowed to die, or killed off, and little was done to ensure that people had new ways of earning their livelihoods.

From the 1970s onwards, housing costs rose so high that both parents were forced into the workplace whether they wanted to be there or not.

For the whole of the past 100 years successive governments allowed boom-bust cycles to run so that in the boom phase, housing costs shot up out of reach of young families, and in the bust phase there was the constant spectre of unemployment.

This has not fostered strong families. There are almost no large families in parishes like St Mary Magdalen's because housing costs are too high and to earn enough to pay for family-sized housing it is necessary to commute to London. One parent will be away at work from 7 am to 7 pm at least, which is also not family friendly.

Strong families are a product of strong economies. An economy where a few fat cats get most of the cream will neither strong nor family-friendly.

nickbris said...

A big problem these days is the new idea of building "Hobbit Houses" not enough room for even a small family.

Instead of the parents staying in the same home,doing a bit of child minding and pottering about they are stuck in nursing homes and being maltreated and tortured to death.

Family life has completely broken down and this has been brought about by the GREED of the people who are supposed to be looking after us.

Lynda said...

Strong families make for strong economies, not the other way around. And that's not just quantitative, though that's essential. Strong families are morally strong and stable, they take care of each other and their neighbours, and cause strong communities to develop. Wealth is developed by people, not the State. The socialist paradigm replaces the family with the State, and the downward spiral starts. Socialism tries to weaken, control and do away with the natural institutions of family and marriage. Strong families are morally strong, the primary educators of our children. The stronger are families and communities, the less dependent on the State are people and the less powerful is the State. The State has become far too powerful and has wreaked destruction on its great rivals, the family and the Church. In a healthy society, family and civic society are strong and have a far greater role than the State. Strong and moral families, make strong and moral societies, which make for more prosperous societies. When States with socialistic ideologies seek to control society and families and try to impose their own "values", people become impoverished, first morally and socially, then economically. If a society implodes morally, it will implode economically. Why is it that State-controlled education programmes don't promote the learning of history by our youth? History teaches that when family and community life become controlled by the State, society loses its moral force, followed by its economic force. Many people have become brainwashed by socialist ideology as the State controls our lives, more and more. Lynda

Physiocrat said...

Lynda, by pandering to the interests of the wealthy and powerful, successive British governments have stupidly done everything they can to make life hard for families. This goes back at least since the Reformation.

At the latest count there are 2.8 million people in Britain who do not have a livelihood. This is due to gross economic mismanagement from the top. Such a state of affairs does not lead to strong families.

It is not the state's job to provide people with work. It is probably not the state's job to educate children. But it IS the state's job to make sure that all able-bodied people who live within its borders have the means to provide themselves and their families with the means of sustenance.

Pablo the Mexican said...

Padre Blake,

There is much confusion, apparently, about the title of my blog name.

Saint Michael come to our Defense is an ejaculation.

An ejaculation, sometimes also called an aspiration, is a short prayer meant to be memorized and repeated throughout the day.

Pablo is my baptism name, also That Mexican is what I am called by the SSPX Whitened Sepulcher Holy Rollers that hate my stinkin' guts.

The web site and blogs that I maintain are responses to threats against a Priest and Bishop for having their writings and sermons placed on the internet.

I do not mind that the SSPX has placed an illegal interdict against me and my family; the edification of souls is the main goal of these sites.

After having dedicated my web site to the Holy Mother, and asking her to bring it to the attention of souls, the website from day one has gone world wide.

The hits per day are phenomenal.

Deo gracias.

Priests brought me into the Kingdom of Christ through Baptism and Confirmation.

They prepare me for Death through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Confession and the Sacraments.

Upon my demise, I pray the Lord, and ask Saint Joseph, that I might die a happy death.

If I look up from my deathbed and see a Eucharistic Minister and her pals laying hands on me, I would know I am headed for the fires of Hell.

I encourage you and all your Padre buddies to guard jealously your Holy Ministries.

Only God's mercy and a Priest can bring us to Heaven.


A Catholic Comes Home said...

Oh Pablo!Prayers for you.

Pablo the Mexican said...

A Catholic Comes Home said...
Oh Pablo!Prayers for you...

Dear Miss Comes Home,

Many thanks for the heart felt prayers.

Pray hard that our Lord not abandon me in my sins.

We shall remember you as well in our prayers.

Que Dios te bendiga.

Many may our Mother Nuestra Senora Santa Maria de Guadalupe wrap you and your loved ones deep in her mantle.


Physiocrat said...


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