Saturday, February 06, 2010


Gosh, I'm becoming an international figure!
Quoted in USA Today!
Thanks for pointing it out Matt


Laura said...

Congratulations, Father!

Red Maria said...

Excellent stuff, Father.

Keep up all the good work. It's by our collective effort that we will achieve positive change in this world.

gemoftheocean said...

What's the surprise? You're one fo those shining cities on a hill... or at least a shining Oasis in Baghdad by the Sea, East.

Dominic Mary said...

What Fun, Father !

(Incidentally, though slightly off-topic, I wonder where they got the photo : it makes Rowan Cantuar look like a cross between an irascible Scottish Terrier, and a constipated Calvinist Divine !)

georgem said...

That's just dandy, Father.
Your efforts deserve wider circulation.
Keep telling it like it is.
Who knows, you might even convert one or two of your peers to Christ's message, DV.

Independent said...

What do you expect? Some of us may not always agree with you Fr Blake , but you come over as a voice of sanity and good sense which deserves to be heard.

Why Baghdad, Gem? Many could think of more appropriate Old Testament cities. I often wonder what they got up to at Gomorrah.

George said...

Given this criticism from the British elite, I think the Holy Father should avoid large cities and go to remote locations (like Papa Stronsay).. the Faithful would flock there and the elites would be left out from their photo-ops. This would send a huge message.

George said...

Hi Fr Ray and thank you for your 'Internet Apostolate', glad that our American Cousins are benefitting from your 'wise words' on the blog as much as we are here in the UK.

By the way just noticed another 'George' with a comment on this post. May I use this opportunity to ask him to please alter the 'Identity tag' from George to something else or George with a prefix or suffix of some sort like georgem has done. I have been using the 'George' tag for nearly three years now.

This would save any confusion as my comments may be at complete odds to his. Thanks George whoever you are, and do continue to visit and comment on Fr Ray's blog as well as Catholic Blogs in general.

gemoftheocean said...

Indy: San Francisco is often called "Baghdad by the Bay" And from Fr. Blake, I get the impression that Brighton has a similar reputation in the UK [correct me if I'm wrong] in relatively lax mores, anyway, on the whole.

So that's why I said "Baghdad by the Bay, East as in relative to SF.

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