Monday, February 01, 2010

Roman Gossip

Apparently during the Ad Limina visit the subject of Anglicanorum Coetibus has been a recurring theme raised by various dicasteries.
Tomorrow the Holy Father addresses our heirarchy, again AC will figure prominently, and presumably the Holy Father will announce his UK visit officially. It has been suggested too that secularisation and education will be oin the agenda.
I hope some encouragement is given to our bishops to break their deafening silence on assisted suicide and euthanasia, up until now they have been more or less mute, whilst the media thunders about it.
Pray for our bishops and the Pope tomorrow.

Other Rome news:
Archbishop Giuseppe Bertelli, Italies Nuncio is being mentioned as Prefect of Congregation for Bishops to replace Cardinal Re, though Cardinal Pell is also being mentioned as front runner, lately his name has also been linked, increasingly, to Propaganda Fidei, Cardinal Dias is expected to retire early because of health problems.

Sorry, this should have been published yesterday, Sunday.


PatterNoster said...

Don't you think that he'll wait until he's spoken to the Scottish bishops later this week, since England and Wales doesn't comprise the whole of the UK?

Dominic Mary said...

I think that is being seen as almost a separate event . . . which will therefore presumably have a separate announcement.

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