Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fury and Rage at Pope!

I was sent this by Robert Kovaks, I've jusy noticed it on Fr Tim's blog, Robert found it on Fr Dwight's blog, surprised I didn't see there, the subtitles are hilarious - do watch it!

Kudos to Mark Shea, who I hope will produce more material like this, humour should be a crucial part in the comimg battle against secularism.


Discreet Observer said...

I sent this to a German friend who said that the sub titles bear no relation to the spoken words. She said:
'But only the English subtitles refer to Pope Benedict and the Church - the spoken German deals with the lost war (and how many people are responsible for that debacle).'
Nevertheless, it does not detract from the enjoyment of the English-speaking viewer.

Fr Ray Blake said...

If look at the You Tube links there are several different set of subtitles completely unrelated to the filml, I think that is part of the fun, especially if you know German.

Physiocrat said...

Will it make sense to my dopey German friends who have swallowed the secularist agenda? Can someone confirm?

me said...


Richard said...

Without giving it away, I loved "cancel the rest of...."

For those who are confused, this is taken from the 2004 German movie Downfall, about Hitler's last days. It has become a popular joke for people to add fake subtitles to fit whatever argument they are interested in; there are hundreds of different versions on YouTube, and in all of them the underlying German words remain those of the movie.

The joke is in fitting subtitles that seem appropriate to the actions but bear no relation to the German words spoken.

James said...

Very good adaptation of Downfall which is a German produced film and yes i agree that we need more of this in order to fight back in a away everyone understands,not just the few who give long speeches along with long words which tend to send most people to sleep and also do not understand.

No suprise the subtitles don't match!!

pelerin said...

Hilarious - Father you should have put the 'coffee warning' ie do not attempt to watch the video whilst drinking coffee!'! By the time it got to 'Cancel the rest of my Liturgical dance lessons' I was shaking with laughter. And I loved the bit about having to leave the room if they did not have a sub. to the NCR which I understand is similar in content to our Tablet.

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention.

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