Friday, April 09, 2010


After the French Bishops had set an example and written a public letter of support to the Holy Father in an "Appel a la Verite" French intellectuals have made a public declation of support of him too.
So what about our intellectuals, something for the Catholic Union to organise? Now is the time to stick a few heads above the parapet.
I mean if the French can do it ....
See Andrew Cusack


Independent said...

Do we in England have such people as intellectuals? It sounds a very pretentious designation. Perhaps an ecumenical petition of support would suffice as not only Catholics would sign it as so many people admire the Pope. To ask for intellectuals In England is to be swamped by the chattering classes.

nickbris said...

Could it be something to do with France being Secularist and us fighting against it?

Not sure I put that correctly but I am sure somebody will get the gist of what I mean,or I will be shot down in flames.

pelerin said...

Tried (unsuccessfully) to find the French Bishops' public letter of support for Pope Benedict on their website.

Interesting to see the list of intellectuals. One of the signatories is the actor Michael Lonsdale who is half English and half French and I understand a practicing Catholic. Well known to English film goers as he was the astute detective in 'The Day of the Jackal' and was also in 'Moonraker.'

Regarding whether we have any 'intellectuals' here I suspect those who deem themselves thus would be atheists! But there must be many professional people such as actors, writers and musicians who might be willing to 'stick their heads above the parapet.' Was there not once a famous petition appealing to retain the Tridentine Mass signed by musicians and writers one of which was Agatha Christie, supposedly the only name recognised by the Pope at the time?

Peter said...

The Appel website has a link to the letter of support. It also has a link to blogs of supporters. St Mary Magdalene is not there yet.
It has over 26,000 signatures. Perhaps we can boost that.
Allons nous...