Monday, April 12, 2010

New Rules

New laws governing sex abuse within the Church could be issued soon according to this video.
The problem with any Church Law is will priests and bishops obey it? The answer can be gauged by their obedience Liturgical Law. Fr Hunwicke has an interesting comparison here.

I think on the whole, as unpleasant as all this crisis is, it will underline the need for Law within the Church and proper procedures. Bishops or even Bishop's Conferences cannot make up the rules on their own without regard for Peter.

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Jacobi said...

The ambiguities in some Council documents are now recognised but Fr Hunwicke's point of omissions is well made. The party of "rupture" in the Council were well prepared, in contrast to the the extraordinary naivity of the orthodox majority.

As to whether the new rules will be obeyed in the future, I think the answer lies, as it did in the post-Consiliar period, in the seminaries and with the seminary teachers, as much as with the bishops.

The Church would be well advised to ensure that each and every seminary is properly staffed and supervised - and if that means a higher reject rate, then so much the better.

It is quality we need.

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