Thursday, April 29, 2010

CIEL Conference: Sounds good

James Macmillan will be speaking on Liturgical Music pre- and post-Vatican II at the annual CIEL One-day Conference on Saturday, 29 May at 2.30pm in St Wilfrid's Hall at the London Oratory. Cost is £5.

There isan EF High Mass in the morning at 11 am celebrated by the Actor [Postulastor] for the cause of John Henry Newman, Fr Richard Duffield Cong. Orat., who will also speak at the Conference. The music promises to be superb.

This an event I would like to attend but Saturday is difficult and our wedding season begins on the 29th, James MacMillan always has something worthwhile to say.

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josephmchardy said...

Looks good, Father. A colleague and I plan to attend. We both work in Anglican church music and are keen to hear James Macmillan speak. We also plan to attend the High Mass in the morning. It will be a 'first' for both of us; whilst I am a Catholic, my colleague was raised Presbyterian. Can you or anyone recommend something to read that would help us to prepare? I think we might have different needs, coming as we do from such different positions!

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