Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Freedom has replaced slavery

The unimaginable has happened, that which is only perceivable by Faith: Life has Triumphed over Death, Weakness has conquered Strength, Love is victor over Hatred.
The Resurrection has changed everything, the whole world is different, mankind is changed, the material world has changed. Nothing is the same or ever can be the same!
Obedience to God has supplanted disobedience, self-sacrifice crushes self-centredness. The old man is replaced by the new.
Grace has crushed selfishness. The prison of original sin has been destroyed Man is free of his selfish gene, able to live for others. Freedom has replaced slavery.

p.s. I hope you are still partying out there!


B flat said...

Of course, Father! Christ is Risen!
Celebrating all week!
Why else would we be calling the seven days after next Saturday "Low Week"? ;p
Happy Easter!

gemoftheocean said...

Father, when folks on the beach ask you to take a hit off the bong - DON'T.

Annie said...

Oh yes we are :D, hope you are too!

mikesview said...

Could we please have a translation of "hit off the bong", even if it is 'explicit'.

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