Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A reason for not voting Lib Dem

The candidate for this constituency is Berni (Bernardette) Mullam.

Page 37 of the Lib Dem manifesto– a section entitled ‘Freeing schools for excellence’ illustrates why Catholics should not vote for her, apart those important anti-Life Lib Dem policies.

“We will ensure that all faith schools develop an inclusive admissions policy and end unfair discrimination on grounds of faith …”
Thus we will be robbed of our schools which Catholics founded and paid for over generations. Catholic parents are robbed of the right to educate their children in an environment they choose.

Talk about illiberal Liberals! Its worst than Labour's education policies for us!


Dilly said...

Nice picture.
Completely coincidentally, I would like to remind all sci-fi fans among your readership that the Sci Fi channel is airing an all new version of "V".
(Spoiler follows) Those of you who remember the 1980's version of this sci-fi classic will know that it is about a race of supposedly benign and helpful aliens who arrived promising world peace, universal free healthcare, and technological advancement. Quite a lot of people fell for it. Unfortunately it turned out their real motive was to drain the Earth completely of its natural resources - and to feed off its population. In fact, underneath their foxy 80's fashionwear and hairstyles, they turned out to be leathery-skinned lizards, hiding forked tongues behind their beautifully whitened teeth...

Like I said - a complete coincidence.

Michael Petek said...

I have to put my hands up to having voted for her at the candidate selection meeting, only because the other candidate was worse: Anne Arrowsmith is a producer of pornographic videos and proud of it. She was adopted as a candidate elsewhere.

JMeaden said...

What is the Green party's stance on faith schools?

I was going to vote for either Labour or Lib Dems, but I think I will vote Labour. I don't want the Conservatives to get in and, in Brighton it is between them and the Greens, so I might do a tactical vote.

nickbris said...

Grasping for straws,appealing to fringe group nutters.

They can come up with anything enters their silly heads knowing full well that they haven't got a cat in hells chance of getting elected.

The GREENS are another worry.

Trouble is if the turn-out is going to be the lowest ever in the history of the universe these NUTTERS will get in just as Hitler did in 1933.

Delia said...

Are you in Brighton Pavilion, one of the three seats in the country that the Greens think they might be able to take? Not sure that they would be any better. I'm in another of the three seats; the candidate there, Darren Johnson, seems to have even more extreme policies than the Green candidate for Brighton, Caroline Lucas. Among other things - including wider access to abortion - he would ‘Withdraw charitable status from discriminatory organisations such as religious schools'.

Anonymous said...

Father, I wish there was some way we could extricate all things Catholic from the Govt. I have to say I can't think of a truly Catholic school round these parts.
And I think the closeness the Catholic Church has had with Governments over the years has always been bad for Catholics.

Can't we take back the schools?

Do you think the free school idea of the Conservatives might allow truly Catholic Schools to exist again? (I doubt it but it's a thought)
Still while the CES exist it will hardly matter who's in charge I s'pose.
But please God not Ed Balls EVER AGAIN! He has threatened to reproduce the CSF Bill in full if he gets his grubby paws back in power. Any vote for his ilk is a vote against families.

Dominic Mary said...

Thank you for drawing this to my attention, Father : I'd not have got round to reading it for days, otherwise !

I've taken the liberty of using your post as a peg for one of my own :

Sean P. said...

Michael Petek,
How can a Catholic support them?

Michael Petek said...

I'll be blunt, Sean P. A nation which decides not to serve God goes under divine judgement and ends up legalising gay marriage whoever gets elected.

If Pope Benedict himself were to abdicate, leave the priesthood, take UK citizenship on a 24-hour fast track, run for Parliament and become Prime Minister, it wouldn't be long before he gave in to Stonewall's browbeating campaign.

As long as the nation keeps itself set against God, there's no way it can vote its way out of the consequences. It can repent its way out. Not vote its way out.

Physiocrat said...

None of the parties are any good, it seems to me. Our politicians have failed the country. But then the country has failed itself or we would have better politicians.

parepidemos said...

Where is the excellence in such a form of education? This is neither freedom nor the promotion of diversity.

Mike said...

This policy duplicates one which the Lib Dem MPs pursued in Parliament a few years ago. I can’t remember which Education Bill it was but they put forward an amendment which was the same as the manifesto commitment quoted. Fortunately it was roundly defeated by a large number of Labour and Conservative MPs. The chief movers of the amendment were Evan Harris and Phil Willis. Phil Willis is retiring at this election but Evan Harris is trying to get back in again. Any Catholics in his constituency (Oxford West and Abingdon) should vote Conservative to get rid of him.

Basically, the argument put forward by Harris and Willis was that faiths could provide schools but the schools should not have anything to do with faith! Thus the Catholic Church could provide schools but the schools should be for pupils of any faith and none. Also, of course, the teachers should be of any faith and none.

Having fought against the Conservative Party for 25 years it is not easy to say this but in this election I have come to the conclusion that in Lib Dem seats where the Tories are second, it is necessary to vote Tory.

As for the Greens, I don’t know about the Green Party in England but the Scottish Green Party is totally opposed to Catholic schools. They put forward that policy at the Scottish Parliament elections in 2007 and got into a lot of trouble when a number of Catholic headteachers pointed this out. They blustered about the policy and tried to pretend that it did nor exist but it is there in black and white. (It’s on page 9)

Basically, what you have to understand is that both the Lib Dem and the Greens work in a similar way. Both are dominated by people who wish to promote the Stonewall agenda at every opportunity. They see Catholic schools as a stumbling block to that agenda. Therefore they are against Catholic schools.

Mary Mags Blue said...

I think it is clear that voting Tory is the only real option available to Catholics

Michael Petek said...

Mary Mags Blue, voting Tory isn't the only option for Catholics. As I said before, if you vote Tory you'll get same-sex marriage.David Cameron recently told a gay magazine he'd be willing to consider it. Read Romans chapter 1.

Remember, homosexualism is the new established religion and homophobia is the new blasphemy.

Mike said...

Mary Mags Blue has a strong point.

Most MPs elected on May 6th will be Labour, Tory or Lib Dem. We’ve seen what Labour will do if they get re-elected. We know that the Lib Dems are even more extreme. We know that the Tories are not totally on our side but of the three it seems to me that they will do the least damage.

If the Tories do not win with an overall majority then the most likely outcome is a minority Labour government with Lib Dem support. That means the C,S & F Bill will get resurrected and if it is in the Labour Party manifesto the Lords will not oppose it. End of story.

If the Tories get elected we cannot expect them to be unenthusiastic about the extreme homosexual agenda but at least they will not be totally against us. For Labour there is little they care more about than “equality”. But the Tories have other passions that will mean that they are unlikely to spend much time on the “equality” agenda.

The only rider I would put to this is in the following situations:
Where the Tories are in third place in your constituency you have a big problem. Voting Tory won’t do much good. Better to find out the personal views of the Lib Dem and Labour candidates.
There are a few “good” Lib Dems. Eg. Tim Farron in Westmorland. The Tory candidate’s personal views might be far worse. However, the priority is to get a Tory overall majority.

As for the Green “threat” in Brighton. If you go back to 2005 you will find similar stories about the possibility of the Greens winning a seat in Brighton. What happened? They ended up a poor third. The media likes the idea of something different and so promote it. Also, remember that people vote very differently in local and European elections compared to General elections. (How many people think that UKIP will get more than 5% of the vote in the forthcoming General election?) Labour suffered badly in the last European elections from low turnout of their supporters and from people voting for normally-fringe parties. Neither of these things will happen to the same extent on May 6th. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the Greens have no chance but I would be careful not to get carried away with the Green Party/media hype.

Michael Petek. It might have been better for the Lib Dems to have selected the pornographer. Then people would have clearly seen what the Lib Dems (as a party) are really like. Imagine what the media might have made of that and how they might have asked Mr Clegg what he thought about a pornographer standing for the Lib Dems.

JARay said...

My observations about your forthcoming election is that you have very little to choose from in the way of voting for a candidate who is at least not totally anti-Catholic.
The Greens, in my experience, are just about the most anti-Catholic people of the lot and here, where we have preferential voting, I always make sure that I put the Greens last of all. They are the people most in favour of abortion, euthanasia, homosexual "marriage", putting condoms into schools and population control. They see human beings as the worst species on the planet because they pollute it. Of course they hate anyone who hunts whales, or foxes or wants to remove bats out of church belfries because of the damage that they do to the buildings.
I could go on....!
The Greens are the utter PITS in any political situation.

nickbris said...

It looks to me that all the candidates for Brighton Pavilion have the same defect,a dietary deficiency brought about by VEGETARIANISM.It is not good for the grey matter and gives them delusions.

Even if we don't vote we are still lumbered with a nincompoop.

Independent said...

The only way to stop the rot is to vote Conservative and make it clear to Mr Cameron that you have more votes than any other pressure group. The other parties have surrendered completely to secularism, but there are still those within the Conservatve Party who adhere to Christianity. Strengthen their hand and he will fall in line. He will not know what you think unless you tell him and his candidates what is on your mind.

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