Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vocations Sunday

I just received a link to this by email, the Monteverdi accompaniment makes this about the classiest vocations ad on the circuit. SORRY I can't get this link to work.

My email friend Fr Sean Coyle sent me a fascinating link to a story of a priest, Fr Kevin Mullins who is parish priest of Jurez, see this video: Juarez Drug Wars, he is evidently another of those good shepherds who despite threats and violence is faithful.
I connect these videos because they show the breadth and beauty of the priesthood.
The fresh faced seminarians of the Institute of Christ the King and the zealous pastor of Jurez, to be are both sources of inspiration.

May the Lord send us holy priest, and even holier bishops.


Kate said...

Fr.,please say a prayer for our son, Phil, who is an applicant for the Sacred Priesthood in our diocese.
He will be having some fairly intensive interviews this week.

Fr Ray Blake said...

I'll remember him at the Altar.

Glenna said...

I'm happy to find this blog (via your nomination at Crescat)because, reading the headlines, I get the impression that there are no real Catholics left in England! Really. So this is a pleasant surprise.

JARay said...

Sorry Father but I cannot see any videos. There is a blank space and then a picture. There's no Monteverdi either.

Fr Seán Coyle said...

JARay, try this connection for the Juarez Drug Wars video:

Thanks, Father Ray, for posting this.

I too found only a blank for the Monteverdi video!

Kate, be assured of my pryaers for Phil.

pelerin said...

JARay - I too have a blank white space for the first video. However I was able to watch the second by clicking onto the 'Juarez Drug Wars' link in Fr Ray's posting and ignoring the picture.

Kate said...

Many thanks Fr. Ray and Fr. Sean!

B flat said...

Could you post the link for the Monteverdi video, Father? I waited for you to correct the fault which others have pointed out, and I, like they, only see a blank white square with no active link.

If you give the address we can go independently to the source and see what you wanted to show us. Thanks.

Fr Ray Blake said...

B flat, Sorry I can't get it to work either.

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