Friday, April 23, 2010

Party Leaders welcome Papal visit

Video of a bit of last night's tri-party debate.


berenike said...

But in the meantime, candidates are being instructed not to sign the Westminster Declaration.

gemoftheocean said...

Why was the question asked in the first place -- that's what I wonder.

I can't imagine such a question being asked in a US debate!

pelerin said...

Call me cynical but all three want the 'Catholic vote' and they are hardly going to get that if any one of them said that the Pope would not be welcome here.

bernadette said...

All three want the Catholic vote ?

All three want the Catholic vote exempted, maybe.

I would advise anyone eligible to vote, to check out the three main party leaders' spiritual and club affiliations. They are each members of an endemic male club that is wreaking havoc across he UK at the moment. Two of them are 33rders, and I have some good evidence to support this.

Tom said...

From what I can gather, it seemed to be the homosexual lobby that posed the question - in a hardly pro-papal way (cost of security was mentioned; the pope being anti-homosexual and anti- contraception; his 'responsibilities' for the sex abuse scandals etc.).

All three party leaders said they disagreed with the pope and the Church on moral issues, but all three want him to come!

Draw your own conclusions.

Cathy said...

What a disgraceful question. It also seemed much longer than other questions, and most of it was an anti-Catholic/anti-Papal rant rather than a question.

nickbris said...

They all make me sick.

Even if none of us vote we will still get them and they will all carry on filling their boots ,I wish we could put them down the salt mines until they reform.

Independent said...

Nickbris - politicians have not been filling their boots but their pockets, as "The Expenses File" amply demonstrates. We must vote for the least obnoxious.

Seth said...

Some readers may enjoy my silly parody of the answers by the three leaders:

(any resemblance to humour is unintentional :( )

I found the question depressing, not because there are people like the questioner who exist - I knew they did - and not because I was surprised how opposed to Catholicism all three parties are, but because the fact Sky allowed the question, and no one argued against its premises at any point, shows just how embedded anti-Catholicism and ignorance is in society.

Persecution is just round the corner I tells ye.

Edward P. Walton said...

"The world is telling us about our sins"

The world is full of Pharisees going around with stones in their hands, looking for power and money.

Did any one ask them if there is any chance to repeal the Act of Succession or will Catholics still remain second class citizens in the United Kingdom.

1569 Rising said...

I still cannot understand why the question was allowed in the first place, especially since the questions were vetted by the organisers beforehand. The 3 leaders were unaware of the question.
I will be candid here, I am a conservative, and am actively working for a Conservative victory, but I must say all 3 leaders answered the question perfectly acceptably, bearing in mind that none are Catholics.

However, surely Tom is being too harsh - their answers on Homosexuality, contraception and abortion might not have been in line with Catholic moral teaching, but they could rightly claim that the Catholic Education service's guidlines on the treatment of those three issues in Catholic schools are no different to their own views. Don't blame the 3 Leaders, we should get our own teaching in line first.

Bernadette, you confuse me. Please tell us what is this "endemic male club", what on earth are "33rdrs", and which of the three are members?
I am genuinely interested in the answer.

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