Friday, April 23, 2010

Saint George Pray for Us

Properly speaking Saint George is "the Protector of the Realm of England". Let us pray that he protects Holy Church and our society from the many dragons that assail us!


nickbris said...

There are Dragons enough to be slain.One of them is this elernal call for APOLOGISING.An apology is an admission of GUILT.

Why everybody should have to apologise for the misdeeds of EVIL MEN who have infiltrated our Holy Church is beyond my understanding,I will admit that I am getting a bit thick in my old age but we don't go to confession to confess other peoples sins.

The whole procedure of recruiting has to be tightened up,we are up against a clever enemy,we know how they work and how manipulative these evildoers are.

Somebody suggested that we infiltrate Humanist & Atheistic groups to gain some sort of control,that is exactly what the EVIL HEATHEN have been doing successfully for many years.We must be constantly on our guard.

We need many like St. George.

Michael Petek said...

Well taken, Father, seeing as one of those dragons became Prime Minister in 1979.

Independent said...

However I wish I was convinced that St George actually existed. Comment may be free but fact is sacred.

Michael Petek said...

St George existed. He was a Bishop in Asia Minor. So did St. Patrick. The dragon didn't literally exist, neither did the snakes, save as metaphors for the infernal forces of evil, which certainly do.

Independent said...

Mr Petek. It seems that Eamon Duffy "Faith of Our Fathers", p42, does not share your certainty.

He tells a story however of the visit of a northern bishop to a department of the Vatican in charge of relics. After producing a list of improbable saints to tease the friar in charge he asked if they had a relic of St George. The custodian consulted an inventory and replied "Yes indeed, and also the dragon."

Its certainly a good story although one is uncertain as to who is the subject of teasing.

Mike Telford said...

Michael Petek,
You are obviously some sort of unreconstructed, vaguely lefty myopics. If Thatcher was a dragon then what was it that entered No 10 in 1997 (and 2007)?

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