Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And With Your Spirit etc

This an interesting little video from the Irish Bishops on excerpts from the new Missal, it is a bit stilted but I like the explanation of "And with your Spirit" which starts the video. It might indeed actually mean, "same to you" but  Fr Patrick Jones unpacks it a bit.


David said...

The emphasis should be on the your. The celebrant says "The Lord be with (the spirit which is within) you" and the response is "And with YOUR spirit". To emphasise it otherwise surely makes it mean something else.

pelerin said...

At the end of the video there are some interesting other videos on the new translation. One by a priest from the Archdiocese of Washington is particularly interesting explaining the different processes and admitting that the 1975 translation was 'more of a paraphrase.'

I was surprised to learn that the translations had indeed been read aloud to see what they sounded like as if this was done surely this would have eliminated the 'prairie tortoise' at first hearing?

Incidentally the priest who is a member of the 'Liturgy Office' said that this will not be the last or final word but happily many of us will not need to contemplate another change if they are going to go in 40 year cycles!

JTS said...

Hey Father,

Take a look at what the Diocesan Administrator in Kildare and Leighlin says...

He even manages a gratuitous swipe at "what is termed the Latin Mass in which the priest had his back to the people"

I guess we're in safe hands there!

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