Saturday, August 27, 2011

ePilgrimaging: Poor damp Rats

I have been avidly following the LMS Juventutem Pilgrimage, this is where Tradition hits the road, every rain sodden step. It looks cold, wet and thoroughly unpleasant, everything I would hate. Poor Bones in the front there, poor Fr Bede, polyester stoles do have one advantage.

Pilgrimage is about journeying, it is a metaphor for life, it is about penance and suffering, about about abandonment to Providence, about living in the community of the Church, about searching for God. I am impressed, after all the suffering they will reach England's Nazareth, as we, if God is merciful will reach Heaven. I suspect there will be a bit to confess before tomorrow's Missa Cantata, damp wet people are really annoying, especially if you have to spend the night in tent with them.
Today's Mass at Oxburgh looked beautiful, see Fr Bede's site, a little moment of light in the English summer gloom.
I feel for them, I'll give dinner to any of the pilgrims who are in Brighton on Monday night, if they contact me. Poor damp rats!


Mulier Fortis said...

An offer of dinner in such entertaining company! I do think they'll enjoy that... wish I could join you!

John Nolan said...

As we used to say in my old Territorial Army days-'If it isn't raining, it isn't training.'

Pablo the Mexican said...

I would love to have a meal at your place, Padre.

Those Pilgrims are lucky ducks.

I will say three Hail Marys for them.

I hope they remember us in their prayers.


Julian said...

Bones has sandals on!
He deserves an extra piece of apple pie.

I can't see Voris there. Could it be he fears the rain, especially if umbrellas are not permitted.

I'm being unkind again.

Dom Bede Rowe said...

I think not.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Fr Bede,
Not even in for a wet weather stole?
I'm impressed!

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