Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lanherne Nun's under threat

I have received the same e-mail as Fr Sean.
The Sisters of the Immaculate at Lanherne are on their uppers they need a friendly donor. A few weeks ago they wanted to buy a second convent, now they have learnt their own home is under threat.

They are a thriving community who use Usus Antiquior.


Richard Collins said...

That would be a tragedy of epic proportions. Prayers needed to find a donor.

Bryan said...

Sorry, not sure I understand, who is selling the Convent?

If it is the Carmelites perhaps the Franciscan sisters need to consult a lawyer to see if they have any rights to continue to occupy the premises. If this is a property matter they need solid legal advice on there legal position.

But, on the other hand, perhaps this is a providential intervention. If they were to move to a more populous and Catholic part of England they might be able to do more AMDG.


Fr Ray Blake said...

I think it must be the Carmelites, not sure though.

John Fisher said...

St Augustines Abbey Ramsgate needs a community!

Physiocrat said...

They could get a suitable place for next to nothing in countries like Sweden, Latvia or Estonia, and I am sure they would be very welcome.

Land is worth next to nothing except in a few hot spots so they will get what they need for little more than the cost of their buildings.

Too many people in Britain are obsessed with playing the land value game, which inevitably makes it hard for religious communities to find a place for themselves.

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