Saturday, May 19, 2007

Garden Project 1

Something totally different:
Lawrence, one of our parishioners, wants to become a professional gardener, he is doing a course at the moment. Very kindly he has offered to do something with our tiny little plot, actually for Brighton it is quite big, I'll put some pictures up eventually.
In the past it was somewhere for the maid used to hang out the laundry. Then, one of my predecessors had a butler, a cook and three or four other staff, since then the kitchen has been moved out of the basement, laundry gets hung up in the old scullery and the old kitchen is now an office for an ecumenical project for refugees, Brighton Voices in Exile.
Anyhow Lawrence is at this moments digging up the weeds which passed for a lawn.
Lawrence has his own blog spot, so if you are in or around Brighton and want some gardening done contact him, I think he charges about £12 an hour, a sixth of what I paid a plumber just to visit last week. His email address is on his blog.


Anonymous said...

All the best with the gardening but that's not the inspiration behind this comment......that is to say how nice it is to put a face to the name. Great Father for you to include that picture now of you on the blog.

Fr Ray Blake said...

I had always wanted to remain a bit anonymous, there is enough Me Me about blogging, modern vanity publishing; but I found a rather frightening photograph of myself in a magazine, so I thought it was time to have an "official" one.

Anonymous said...

Blair should have converted while in office to defend Catholicism in practice and effectively.
Now, afetr leaving virtue....and a long list of deeds to pary for absolution.

Fr Ray Blake said...

I am not sure what relevance this last comment has to this post, would you care to explain?

The Bones said...

LOL! Laurence's Garden Services would like to distance itself from Tony Blair as much as is humanly possible!

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