Friday, May 25, 2007

Westminster Cathedral: Names of God debut

Fr Tim has a comment on this.

The British composer John Taverner, whose works are inspired by religion, finished a piece based on Islam, which will be performed on June 19 in Westminster cathedral in London. The Beautiful Names (Los Nombres Hermosos) is the title of the work, which will be directed by the master Jiri Belohlavek with the BBC symphony and chorus in the opening ceremony, sources reported. "The Beautiful Names" refers to the 99 denominations of God according to the Islamic tradition and sung in Arabic, according to the author.
The inspiration was "like a vision," said Taverner. For the closing ceremony, the musician counted had the close collaboration of the expert in Arabic issues Michael MacDonald, mainly to guarantee the pronunciation and the accent in that language. The 70 minute masterpiece is subdivided into 11 groups of nine "tonal areas" and each new section begins with a call to Allah.

Prince Charles who said he wants to be be "Defender of Faiths" as opposed to "the Faith", is somehow involved in this; Father Tim says he commissioned it, it fits in with the syncretic beliefs that the establishment seems to want to impose on the Church, and Islam too. Meanwhile T Blair has had it announced that he is going to visit the Pope before he leaves office, in connection with his next job of establishing
interfaith dialogue.
Forgive my skepticism but I think Iraq has made him one of the least able people in the world to do this.


Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side Padre

It might get a few muslims in the door of our Cathedral and who knows what might happen then. I for one will be sending a rosary petition to heaven on the night.
Regarding interfaith dialogue, I would agree that poor Tony does'nt quite fit the bill. It must be hard to find a role suitably challenging after being PM. Might I suggest a very LONG period of SILENT discernment?

Physiocrat said...

Jesus is God
Mt1 21/25
Lk 1 31
Lk 2 21
Jn 20 31
Acts 2 38
Acts 8 12
Acts 15 26
Eph 5 20
Phil 2 10
1 John 3 23

Anonymous said...

I just dont get it. John Tavener is a devout member of the Orthodox church, Jiri Belohlavek is presumably a Catholic and WEstminster Cathedral is to be the venue for the premiere. What are we supposed to think? I'd love to know what the commissioning fee is.

Anonymous said...

May God save us from more of Tony Blaire,has'nt he done enough damage.Our priceless and dear Caholic faith is suffering from all quarters.What onearth are our Bishops doing, are they asleep, is there not one of them able to speak or are they all ' cowing ' to Establishment.

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