Friday, May 18, 2007

Marian Meme for May

It is May and there doesn't seem to be much Marian devotion on the Brit-blogosphere, so here to start is a Marian Meme

Starting with Joee and Mac

What is your favourite image of Our Lady?

What is your favourite Marian feast?

What is your favourite Marian hymn/anthem?

What is your favourite Marian place of pilgrimage?

What is your favourite Marian devotion?


This my favourite Marian image, it is a 19th cent icon of Our Lady Kazan, I have it memory of my mother, it combines majesty and tenderness.
I love Salve Regina, especially the solemn tone, the tone seems to combine certainty and a degree of diffidence, and ends with confidence with "O Pia ...."

The Assumption when I was a protestant was the most difficult for me to understand, but it is all about us following Christ, even into Heaven. It stretches the mind and heart.
Walsingham is beautiful, so English, especially when it is quiet.
I love Marian processions especially in Spain or Malta.

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