Monday, May 14, 2007

Pope in the Farm of Hope!

Pope Benedict XVI during his visit at 'Fazenda da Esperanca' or 'Farm of Hope' drug rehabilitation center in Guaratingueta, Brazil, Saturday.
The essential message of the Pope during the Brazilian visit, and during his Papacy, has been that Christ alone is our hope. Everything he does seems to have a symbolic meaning, he is above a Liturgist. His visit to the Fazenda seemed to be a sermon in itself, it took up quite a considerable amount of time in his visit. This community was set up a Fransican friar, it is able to boast an almost 80 per cent success rate in getting people off drugs, through catechesis, prayer and work, and it seems through formation in ascetiscism. At the opening of CELAM the pope had said drug addiction was a consequence of the hopeless consumerism of capitalism, (see Zenit for the whole text), here he seems to be saying that this type of new community is the source of hope for the Church itself.
I am sure that he will talk about this in his Wednesday audience.

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