Thursday, May 17, 2007


This is the first of a couple of videos and an article on Moromonism on Roman Catholic Blog.
My question why do people believe this stuff?


Anonymous said...

Wow! And people call us weird!

Anonymous said...

I think the fact that you found it where you did suggests it has been made to defame the Mormons and shouldn't be taken at face value - double click on it so that it opens up within the You Tube site and read the comments left by outraged Mormons!

Fr Longenecker said...

you know that one of the front runners in the next American presidential election is a Mormon? Name's 'Mitt Romney'. Crazy name. Crazy guy.

Fr Ray Blake said...

I think the video seems to be in line with Mormon teaching.

Anonymous said...

To see a more intelligent rebuttal of Mormon teaching cut and paste this link into your browser to watch this other You Tube video, DNA vs. The Book of Mormon:

Anonymous said...

I foud this response from someone raised as a Mormon:

"Although apparently created by some anti-Mormon group, this is a mostly accurate explanation of Mormon theology":


* There was no vote in heaven. God chose Jesus. Other spirit children (you and I) got to chose who to follow, but the winner was not up for vote. It was not a democracy.

* Joseph Smith won't stand in judgment, that role is reserved for Christ.

* Joseph Smith is highly revered, but is considered a prophet akin to Moses or Noah, not on a par with Christ himself.

* Although there was mention of a Heavenly Mother, I was not taught that God had multiple wives. And although God is said to have created many spirit children, the exact manner of their creation was never specified.

Although these may have been the teachings at one time, they were not emphasized when I was growing up:

* Jesus was married to Mary, Martha, and Mary Magdelene

* Joseph Smith was a decendent of Jesus Christ.

* Elohim had physical sex with the virgin Mary.

Fr Ray Blake said...

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Anonymous said...

Read the Book of Mormom, rather than comments on You Tube.

Anonymous said...

heh. I joined a vintage song website, emailed the owner with a question about a bizarre picture caption, and found she believes that the Authorized Version is inspired, that it has been translated into thousands of languages - when I asked why on earth a Dutch Protestant would bother to translate from the English when he could do so from the original languages, she wrote back - "TO save souls". An Oxford DOminican had a similar experience at a bus stop; his interlocutor's line fo argument was somehow odd - then he realised that he/she thought the AV was the original version of the Scriptures.

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