Monday, September 26, 2011

Benedict Effect

I reported before the Papal visit to Germany on the negative reporting in Der Spiegel.
Well look at this under the heading of Dictator of Relativism:
Benedict XVI is the embodiment of resistance to the idiocies of today, when the obsession with ratings and sex are more important than any article of faith. But he performs that role with a soft voice and the steadfastness of a deeply religious man. And he binds the loyalty of those people who stand with him in opposition -- some 1.2 billion Catholics in the global Church -- and who are often ridiculed as idiots for doing so. They are true to the words of the apostle Paul: "God hath chosen the foolish things of the world."

It is Benedict effect! I know one swallow etc. but this was in Der Spiegel!
my thanks to Dr William Tyghe for sending it to me.


nickbris said...

Negative reporting in the Garbage British Press was proved wrong so it would be expected equally so in Germany.

They are all basically chasing the same shilling and under the control of powerful minority groups.

Victor said...

Don't get too excited, father - the article is by Matthias Matussek, the lone Catholic in Der Spiegel. As much as we here in Germany hoped for a "Benedict effect" like last year in the UK, it doesn't seem to happen. I don't think though the Holy Father could have helped by being more conciliant - he said what he had to say, and he said it well. No, it is us Germans who have hardened our hearts and do not want to hear the truth. There is a joke: "We don't care what Rome says - we stay catholic!" I can't laugh too much though - there is too much truth in it...

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