Monday, September 26, 2011

Europe According to the Greeks

I was sent this, it amused me.


Anonymous said...

All of England and Scotland labeled, "George Michael". LOL!

Union of Stingy Workaholics? I guess it's relatively speaking considering most of Europe is enacting we-lived-in-a-socialist-fairlyland-for-decades-and-now-the-bill-has-come-d...err...austerity measures.

nickbris said...

The Labour Party and General De Gaulle were always against the UK joining in the first place but the Tories and all the financial whizkids saw a chance to make loads of Dosh.

Between them they have brought us to the verge of penury by their insatiable greed.

The Bankers have not lost a single Red Cent but people who have worked hard all their lives and saved for a decent pension have been pauperised

Mike said...

Let’s not forget that after the Tories failed in 1963 the Labour Government had another go in 1967. Both vetoed by de Gaulle.

Richard said...

It is delightfully self-obsessed (or perhaps nicely pictures a particular strand of self-obsession).

I was particularly amused by "plagiarists" for the Italians, "land X" for the place the inhabitants would like to call Macedonia, and (once I'd worked it out) "thieves" for the Venetians.

Like romishgraffiti I did think it was a bit much that the whole of Great Britain was given over to George Michael, but then I remembered that he's Greek (by descent at least). I don't suppose the Greeks have too many global pop stars.

Is "Union of Stingy Workaholics" also a nod to Max Weber's The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, as well as a commentary on current issues?

But I suppose someone will soon complain to Fr Blake's bishop that he is promoting national stereotyping.

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