Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fr Lawrence Lew

According to NLM Br Lawrence Lew OP was ordained priest on Saturday, if he should read this, my congratulations to him, this video contains some beautiful photographs, almost as good as the Reverend Father's and most beautiful of all, a specially written motet in honour of Our Lady by James MacMillan, what a wonderful gift.


John Nolan said...

Wonderful motet by MacMillan, as far as I am concerned the greatest living British composer in a field that is not short of great talent. Not that most contestants on University Challenge would recognize this as their musical tastes have not progressed beyond adolescent pop. It was the same 40 years ago when I was an undergraduate and I have never been able to understand it.

One thing I would say to Blackfriars Oxon. as well as to Holy Cross Leicester; for God's sake bin the Cranmer table! You keep on moving it back and forth to the utter confusion of the faithful. IT IS NOT NEEDED IN EITHER FORM OF THE ROMAN RITE!

William said...

Disappointed that P. Lew's diaconal stole was not tied and crossed.

Toby said...

William - really that's it - a guy trains for years offering his life in the service of Christ and not one positive comment, just a complaint about the ordering of a stole!

Gigi said...

Beautiful visuals and stunning music. Love the cake!
Thanks for posting this: so restful and uplifting to watch after negotiating the roadworks with one's BOGOFs from Sainsburys.
@William - really? :)

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