Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Bishop Survey into Equalities Legislation

Our bishops are conducting a consultation into Equality Act Guidance for Catholics.

As a first step, we invite you to identify the particular issues which have arisen in your experience and on which you would have found guidance helpful. In responding, could you use the form below, or follow its headings.

Only the briefest indication of the issue of concern is needed, e.g. ‘Letting of Parish Halls to groups at variance with Catholic teaching’, or ‘Restricting advertised posts on the grounds of religion’, or ‘Limiting shared accommodation at retreat centres to married couples’.
When I try to download the form I get a warning that "downloading this file might damage my computer"! You try, the more participants the better.


Patruus said...

I got the same warning message in Google Chrome, but not in Firefox (perhaps because I'm using an outdated version). Anyway, I successfully opened the PDF in Foxit.

To see what the form looks like without opening the PDF, click the "Quick View" link in this search result -

A. Luddite said...

Good grief! Where's me quill 'n ink...
What a very user-unfriendly, outdated and time-consuming format for a survey. There ought to be an option for people to complete the survey online - it's very easy (and free) to set up.

Focus Groups said...

The administrators need to update the survey page to latest version, which in turn attracts more people to participate in survey.

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