Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Pope Appeals for More Help for the Horn of Africa


1569 Rising said...

A very powerful appeal tonight on television for the East Africa Appeal during the Conservative Party Political Broadcast.

A very innovative use of the broadcast, and the Party should be praised for it.

johnf said...

I thought it was pretty good too.

I have a problem about how to donate. I will never again donate via the Red Cross - this just gets you on their address list and forever more you are hounded. I would hate to try to cost the amount of junk mail I still get from.

I have had doubts about CAFOD ever since I saw that they spend money on appointing a Climate Change Director to concentrate on 'big moral issues' like low energy light bulbs.

ACN are my charity of choice but they do not seem to be the most appropriate conduit in this case. What do others think?

nickbris said...

There shoul be a PUBLIC WARNING about donating to anybody over the phone by DEBIT card,ask them to write & send them a cheque.

The majority of Charity fund-raisers use it as their main source of income and the organisations are lucky to get a few pence in the pound.

When you give your card number over the phone you are cutting your own throat.

Any appeals from the Conservative Party must be treated with SUSPICION, they are only doing it for Votes

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