Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Look what arrived in the post

 The New Missal arrived just before Benediction this evening.
I order all three, the Altar Missal and the smaller version for the priest's chair and an even smaller one for the sacristy.
They are pretty, the smallest is without illustrations, they seem, for a mass produced book they are reasonable well bound.
At first sight the lay out has bit to be desired, even so I am just glad they have finally been produced, though I won't have the chance to look through them properly. Tomorrow I'm off the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy Colloquium in Reading until Friday evening.


Robert said...

You could take the smaller book with you on your trip.

momangelica said...

I now go to Latin Mass since the last Good Friday,(my regular Catholic Church would not have a Christ figure on the cross to be Venerated!! Dean said "we've been told not to") My husband said that was an Anglican trait and, as he used to be one until mid 70's, he should know. When I went to the Church that only has Latin, with my little Missal from my confirmation age (11) It was as if time had stood still and I was back in my old Church.
I have a new Missal for everyday now and it is awesome. I hate to say it, but I feel a giggle coming on every time there is any mention about "New Translation" And I feel free from all the Flotsam and Jetsam of it all.

momangelica said...

I even found a receipt from 1966 inside the pages amongst my lovely prayer cards. Can't for the life of me think what I'd bought except, it may have been for a large bar of Galaxy chocolate to eat on the bus going home after a long day of hairdressing, Dad used to take us to Mass on Fridays, so supper was after eight o'clock. I used to be there wishing I wasn't, nearly asleep but knowing I'd never regret it in the end.

Pierpaolo Finaldi said...

Glad to see your Missals arrived in good time.

The small study Missal has exactly the same illustrations as all the other Missals!

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