Monday, August 25, 2008

Dr Alcuin Reid: good enough for Ratzinger, good enough for us!

NLM announce the publication of Alcuin Reid's new book: Continuity or Rupture? A Study of The Liturgical Reform of the Second Vatican Council.

Dr Reid is our liturgical advisor for the restoration of our Church, which, if God will send us the money begins next year. Say a prayer he does, over the last 7 years here I have managed to save barely £25,000. I couldn't help thinking when I asked Dr Reid to prepare a paper for us, that if he is good enough to collaborate with Joseph Ratzinger, then he is good enough for us!
Here is the official announcement from the Society of St. Catherine of Siena website:

It has recently become possible for the Society to co-sponsor with CIEL UK a second Research Fellowship in Liturgical Theology for the academic years 2008-2010. The announcement was made during the CIEL UK 2008 Conference held at the London Oratory, Brompton on 31st May, at at which the recipient delivered the main paper on The Liturgical Reforms of Benedict XVI. Dr. Alcuin Reid gained a PhD from King’s College, University of London in 2002 for a thesis on twentieth century liturgical reform. He has spoken internationally on liturgical topics, written extensively on the Sacred Liturgy and edited and published a number of books, including Looking Again at the Question of the Liturgy with Cardinal Ratzinger (2003) and The Monastic Diurnal (2004). The second edition of his principal work, The Organic Development of the Liturgy (Ignatius Press, 2005), carries a preface by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger.

Dr. Reid’s latest edition of Adrian Fortescue’s book, The Early Papacy, was published by Ignatius Press in April 2008. He is currently working on the fifteenth revised edition of Fortescue and O’Connell’s Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described, which is due for publication by January 2009.

Dr. Reid has been awarded the Society of St. Catherine of Siena and CIEL UK Research Fellowship in Liturgical Theology in order to facilitate the writing of his second major liturgical work, Continuity or Rupture? A Study of the Liturgical Reform of the Second Vatican Council. The book will be published in the Society’s book series,

It is not only us that needs lots of money but the Society of St Catherine of Sienna too, surfing billionaires take note.


Physiocrat said...

It is not so difficult to raise large sums of money if there are enough people.

Say 300 people need to raise £100,000. That makes £333 each. Which is just over £2 a week over 3 years. And that is to ignore the fact that even in these straitened times there are plenty of people who can write a cheque for £300 and not notice. How many tankfulls of petrol will it buy these days?

Anonymous said...

Having seen the small denomination coins in the collection basket, Henry, I don't think there is much hope of people given as much as £2 a week.
Most of our people are very poor: foreign workers, students, people on income support, or living on a minute pension.
200+ Poles can afford to give only £20 between them after all, 10p a person!

Mulier Fortis said...

I'll pray for the cause... I think St Philomena would be just itching to cock a snook at secularists everywhere, so I shall apply to her!

Anonymous said...

Father, do post details of what the renovations entail, and the cost. Many of your readers might then feel moved to chip in.

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