Sunday, August 03, 2008

Quote for the Day

Not unconnected with today's Gospel, a predecessor of mine Fr David Maskell, would often say,

"Mankind cries out in the wilderness for Living Bread and we give them candyfloss instead!"


bernadette said...

Fr Blake.. possibly off-topic (or possibly not), can I draw attention to the fact that EWTN has moved to channel 589, and is no opnger on 789. It took me a while to re-locate it, so if anyone's missing it, it`s still there. (Fr Groeschel is doing great on Humane Vitae right now, on Sunday Night Live. Talk about being fed in my faith. Thank god for EWTN.)

bernadette said...

Fr Tim.. can I draw attention to the fact that EWTN, formerly on channel 789 has moved to channel 589. It helps a lot of us in our faith and some people may not realize it has moved. I thought it had disappeared until I flicked around and found it again tonight. As it is such a good resource, if at times a bit cheesy (Could someone throttle Raymond Arroyo please) It`s worth pointing out its new home. Fr Groeschel is doing brilliantly right now on Sunday Night Live, explaining Humane Vitae. It is such a breath of fresh air. I even forgive Raymond Arroyo.

Victoria said...

Hands off Raymond Arroyo!