Saturday, August 30, 2008

First pictures-Father Aaron Spinelli.

The diocese of Arundel and Brighton rejoiced today at the ordination of Father Aaron Spinelli to the priesthood.Father Aaron is from the parish of our Lady of Ransom Eastbourne and rejoices in his Phillipino and Sicilian origins.It was a delight to see his mother and father with tears of joy (sorry no pics).


gemoftheocean said...

What a wonderful cause for rejoicing. I've seen him featured in various blogs and there over the course of the last year or more. Glad to hear he didn't go over the wall last moment. ;-D It's always nice for the faithful to see new priests. It gives us hope.


Marston Magna said...


Volpius Leonius said...

O Jesus, Eternal High Priest, live in Father Aaron Spinelli, act in him, speak in and through him.

Think Thy thoughts in his mind, love through his heart. Give him Thine Own dispositions and feelings. Teach, lead and guide him always. Correct, enlighten and expand his thoughts and behaviour.

Possess his soul; take over his entire personality and life. Replace him with Thyself. Incline him to constant adoration and thanksgiving; pray in and through him.

Let him live in Thee and keep him in this intimate union always.

O Mary, Immaculate Conception, Mother of Jesus and Mother of priests, pray and intercede for Father Aaron Spinelli. Amen.

Fr. Gary V. said...

As a Filipino priest serving in the
Arch. of Washington, I am proud of
what the Filipino Catholic Heritage
brings to other countries. God bless you, Fr. Aaron Spinelli on your priestly vocation.

Anonymous said...

I have just had a look at the Diocesan website. Why is there nothing either in terms of announcement or immediate press release about something this exciting. I can only guess that the Bishop does not think priests are important, he doesn't seem to be doing anything to encourage or inspire 'vocation' to the simple person in the pew

Fr Ray Blake said...

I do not think that is fair at all. Our Bishop, thank God, does not micro-manage the diocese, let alone the website.

Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful event, I thought. [I think the person receiving the 'first blessing' in the picture is the one who was just before me!!] The first hymn finished me off - 'I bind unto myself today,' - I was struggling not to cry from that point - the great procession, the words of the hymn, the organ!! I didn't know it could sound like that - like trumpets - or WERE there trumpets? Sometimes we have one at Christmas.

I'd just about recovered myself by the ordination point - but the sight of the joy on all the priest's faces as they came to offer the sign of peace was most moving, and I was off again. [I'm not really a weeper,you understand...]

Think I saw you there, Father RB - and one or two others I could [short-sightedly] make out. Off to the first Mass in a moment - abandoning my poor daughter and her husband to the wriggling grandchildren at the 10:30.

I wasn't sure about the distinction the Bishop made between theoretical and practical authority. [His and the priest's]. He seemed to be saying that a Bishop or priest only has authority if people listen to him.

I would have preferred to see a distinction [if any were necessary, which I doubt] drawn between the objective authority a Bishop [and priest] has - and which will always be present, even if no-one at all obeys or listens - and the subjective manner in which each individual or group can respond to this.

What did you think, Father? [Or aren't you allowed to comment...?]

Anyway, it was a brilliant occasion, and I was very encouraged to find a hymn to Our Lady at the end. In my experience, a priest who loves Our Lady doesn't go far wrong. God bless you, Fr Aaron.

Anonymous said...

PS I was also encouraged to see so many young [ish] priests. We are always given the impression that they are almost all old and decrepit - they all looked fine to me. Perhaps I'm getting old and decrepit too.

PeterHWright said...

God bless Fr. Aaron Spinelli.
May his years as a priest be long and fruitful.
Ad multo annos !

Anonymous said...
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Fr Ray Blake said...

I didn't get to the ordination until the Litany, so I missed the homily. I sat at the back.

My parishioners raised the same issue, as did the visiting clergy. As a Bishop's prime role is to teach the Catholic faith I would suggest you write to the Mgr Conry for clarification. I would think he was misunderstood, or was unclear, or just mis-spoke.

I know he enjoys being provocative or challenging in his homilies, at times one can overstate a particular position and lead to confusion.

Fr Ray Blake said...

I can only give the same advice to you, as I gave to October 671: contact those concerned directly. I am sure they do not read this blog, which in any case does not pretend to be any kind of official diocesan organ.
I am not unsympathetic with some of the points in your second comment, which I have deleted. If you ever get a reply let me know what is said, I'll be interested.

Anonymous said...

A very moving account, October 671. Like you, I think anyone who has a hymn to Our Lady has to be grounded in solid faith and won't go far wrong. Which hymn was it? Just curious.

How was the First Mass?

Fr Ray Blake said...

Joe, I couldn't get to it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your advice Father; I'm not sure if I will write. Am thinking about it.

Joe - the final hymn yesterday was 'O Mother blest' - the one with the chorus 'Thou art clement, thou art chaste...'

The First Mass today was very dignified - some priests of the diocese were there plus deacons and I saw at least one priest from outside the diocese.

The setting of the Mass was almost all the Terry Mass, with the exception of Credo IV.

Fr Aaron did everything with reverence and calm, and sang a lot of the responses and the Preface beautifully. I'm sure he will be a great priest. A Deacon sang the Gospel also.

We had a wonderful rousing homily from Fr Martin Thompson who used to be our PP - it was good to see him again. I DO wish they would use the pulpit more often - it makes a difference when you can actually see the person addressing you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you October671 for your comment. I would have liked the difference between objective and subjective authority to have been made clear. As it was I just felt puzzled. Surely if the "community" of which the Bishop spoke all disobeyed him, his authority, bestowed on him by the Church, would not be altered?

Anonymous said...

Father, you advise writing to the Bishop. I have written three times on another issue, he doesn't reply.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Richard, I know that happens from time to time, even the clergy's letters can go unanswered.
I suppose you could write yet again and send a copy to the Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, if it is important.

Anonymous said...

By chance I happened to be at one of Fr Aaron's first Masses last Saturday in the Weybridge parish where he had done a summer placement. I'm new to the parish and so hadn't encountered him before. All I can say is that, on the evidence of how he celebrated Mass, he is a credit to his vocation, to those who guided his formation and to himself. I can't remember when I was last fortunate enough to be present at a Mass celebrated with such reverence and respect but without any hint of stuffiness. I emerged with my soul uplifted and my heart full of praise. I pray that Aaron may continue to grow in his obvious love for Christ and that he may retain his delight in his vocation, even though there are bound to be testing times ahead. May Aaron's potential be realised and may he be a channel of God's love to many.

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