Monday, February 23, 2009

Bitter Pill and Bitter Mickens

In my letter to Sir Michael Quinlan, Chairman of the Tablet Board of Trustees, telling him that after 100 years of selling it in the Church I could not in conscience continue to ally myself or my parishioner to its cause, I spoke of Ms Curti's scurrilous article about Blackfen but I also cited the continual criticism and sniping at the Holy Father by Robert Mickens, their Rome correspondent.

Fr Zuhlsdorf "fisks" an article by Mickens in this weeks Tablet in which he complains with his usual bitterness about the very productive attempts by the Holy Father at gathering in lost or nearly lost sons and daughters.

What amazes me is that people like Mickens would seem to have no problem in welcoming at the altar, those who are soft on the divinity of Christ or would openly question the Virgin Birth, the Resurrection, have serious doubts about the miracles of Christ, soft pedal Sacramental Grace, have great difficulties with the Church's stance on artificial contraception, and yet object to those who hold dear the liturgy of our fathers. Amazing!


Anonymous said...

Amazing indeed.
There seems to be a real fear of traditional Catholicism. Why, for goodness sake. It represents such a small portion of the Catholic world one should be circumspect at least or delighted to see the family enlarged at most. I suppose when you have been brainwashed into believing that Catholicism as practiced by your forefathers is evil and wicked it is hard to be faced with a reminder of it. It will take a little time and a lot of soul searching I think. In the end we will all come out better Catholics I have no doubt. So onwards and upwards.

Unknown said...

Not really amazing, Fr, as this man is clearly not a Catholic!

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