Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Support the Pope Petition

In France, but probably also in other countries, the media, including alas so called catholic media, have been very hostile to the Pope's decision concerning the excommunication of four bishops of the SSPX. A petition against the decree is even circulating. We then decided to take the opportunity to say thank you to the Holy Father and to give him our full support. This initiative was launched by a group of friends, some of them from the SSPX, most of them not, but all of them very grateful to the Holy Father.

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Jane said...

Dear Fr

If not already done please see my 2 emails to you on this subject. I think it is essentil for all pro Benedict Catholics sign.

Anonymous said...

Please what does one do if one supports the Pope, regards him as a holy humble and scholarly man but regards with abhorrence people such as Williamson?

Fr Ray Blake said...

As I do,
trust the Pope, show solidarity with him, and pray for the conversion of sinners, especially those who will harm us and that which we love.

gemoftheocean said...

Fr. Mowbray: "If the pope says it's bound to rain, will it?"

Rex Motram: "Yes."

Fr. Mowbray: "But suppose it doesn't?"

Rex Motram: "Well, I suppose you could say, it was raining spiritually, but we are too blind to see it."

I think this premature reconciliation with parties who think they can convert the Vatican to their way of thinking (Z a few posts back quoted some SSPXer bishop who said same) without any admission of wrongdoing on their part are going to hurt the cause of the Latin Mass. Those who want to see it amongst "regular" people, and not as the property of fanatics.

No, I won't be signing this particular petition. Sometimes when a man is dragging a piece of toilet paper on his shoe, someone is going to have to bite the bullet and tell him, no matter who the august personage is.

nickbris said...

The PRESS only print GARBAGE everywhere,perhaps a boycott would help.The NHS would probably save millions on anti-depression medication.

Adulio said...

I.P - I hope your abhorrence equally applies to those bishops supposedly "in communion with Rome" but whose activities and speeches would suggest otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link Father. It's important to rally to the Pope during this difficult time. I am appalled by what that fool Williamson has said and angry that he has inflicted this scandal on the Church.

Gem; The TLM is the birthright of all Catholics and I hope it is celebrated more widly in the Church. It sometimes appears to be a ghetto but as more and more parishes celebrate the Rite it will cease to be the property of self proclaimed "Traditionalists" like the SSPX. Why do you dislike it so much? Not all people who love the Gregorian Rite for it's beauty and prayerfullness are freaks.

Kate said...

Gem- wasn't the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary a 'premature reconciliation' with a world that knew Him not?

GOR said...

I think the Holy Father's actions have been very Christ-like and he has my unqualified support - not that he needs it or is concerned about the 'adulation of the crowd'.

Our Lord raised the hackles of the religious 'elite' of His day, who were aghast at His forgiving of sinners. One expects the secular authorities and media not to understand. But Catholics should be showing more respect and loyalty to the Vicar of Christ.

gemoftheocean said...

Momcilo, are you simply not grasping the point that it is precisely because I want TLM to be seen as "normal" and NOT the purview of the fanatics that I oppose people being let back in WHO HAVE MADE NO ADMISSION OF WRONGDOING!

These SSPX (unrepentant types!) will be seen as the "keepers of the flame" - and regular people won't want any truck with them. At least until they admit they were in the wrong about so many things.

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