Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pope on Frequent Confession


Anonymous said...

The Pope's right but I wish our Bishops and priests would take a leaf out of his book and say the same thing. You never hear them talking about it. It's like it doesn't matter to them. He can't do everything by himself. The amount of sacriligeous communions that are probably happening is a scandal in itself (and again a scandal no one wants to talk about). He's just done his bit can our Bishops and priests do the same?. The last time I heard a sermon on confession was nigh on 30 years ago at school. Even taking into account my lapsed period it's still getting on for 20. That is incredible given the importance of keeping yourself in a state of grace.

It would also help if our priests made it easier to go to confession and returned to the practice of having the confessional open during mass. Having to arrange a separate visit to Church on a Saturday to go to confession is bound to put many people off. Can't our priests see this or don't they want to hear confessions anymore?. If so, why did they choose the job?.

George said...

Mafeking - couldn't agree more with what you say - except to say that I am lucky to have Fr.Tim Finigan as my PP who has spoken often in his Sunday Mass homilies about the graces that flow from this most important of Sacraments.

I also attend (though not as often as I would wish) evenings of recollection for men provided by Opus Dei. After the first recollection there is opportunity for confession which always involves sound spiritual advice and direction from the Priest. The founder of Opus Dei, St JoseMaria Escriva had much to say about and wrote volumes on the importance of frequent Confession.

I don't know where you are located my friend, but perhaps if you are in an area where the sacrament of Confession is difficult to find and/or attend I would heartily recommend looking up Opus Dei on the Internet and finding your nearest centre. Go along to one of their evenings, you will certainly find a warm welcome.

Anonymous said...

Thanks George. I do know of Opus Dei and I have been to some of their meetings. I don't currently go because I find I just can't fit it in (although I'll have to re-appraise this).

My parish is actually orthodox by most parishes standards and I do go to frequent confession but still I haven't heard any of the priests say anything about confession in the 12 years I've been there. I think it's probably fair comment to say maybe only 5-10(?) or so out 250(?) odd parishes in London have a PP who'll say anything about it. Fr. Tim is one of them but you are very lucky. Outside London Fr. Ray does but who else?. It might be interesting to get some statistics. To be frank this just contributes to what is already a serious problem and just gives the impression it doesn't matter anymore. Lay people are for sure to blame but our priests haven't helped.

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