Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Christian Home's Victory over Brighton and Hove

A Brighton nursing care home that had been threatened with loss of funding for having the wrong opinions about homosexuality, has had its grant restored. The Brighton & Hove city council backed down as Pilgrim Homes, the 200-year-old Christian charity that runs the home in question, as well as nine others, was preparing for legal action for religious discrimination...


torchofthefaith said...

Dear Father

The humble beauty of these three souls says it all really.

In Christ
Alan and Angeline

Jane said...

Dear Fr

Deo gratias.

Now I wonder which 'heavenly personage' has had something to do with this?!

The Holy Spirit certainly seems to be taking an interest in Brighton!

Meanwhile I see Hans Kung has been at it again. Says Obama would make a better Pope than Benedict XVI. According to HK the Holy Father is 'unteachable' and 'arrogant' etc etc. I am too horrified to comment, and anyway it's off topic here, but just wondered whether you'd seen the report on this. I got it from CNS.

In Christo pro Papa

Kate said...

Dear Fr., thanks for your publicising of this successful outcome.I phoned them this morning to offer my congratulations on this.It's important to show some solidarity with Christians in the face of intolerant secularism. I have left contact details on my blog, for anyone who wishes to do the same.

George said...

Thanks be to God!

At last a ray of light! A return to good 'ole British common sense!

I'm sure that the elderly residents are delighted that their home will get the upgrades for which the grant money was required.

This was clearly another of those PC issues that was about to go wildly out of control wasting £thousands in legal fees had things gone pear shaped. Well done Brighton & Hove City Council for steering an even keel through this and putting people before politics.

Physiocrat said...

This is very strange. One would hope that by that stage one would have grown out of that sort of thing as the flames of ardour wane.

However, there was a book published a few months ago on the scandal of King Gustav V's homosexual affair when he became the subject of blackmail.

By the time the matter came up in parliament, the king was 75 years old, and far from causing shock or scandal, the response was "what virility!"

nickbris said...

At least we have evidence that there may be some COMMON SENSE in Brighton Council after all.

It is though still seriously corrupted by some very iffy pressure groups.

Adulio said...

It is though still seriously corrupted by some very iffy pressure groups.

As is the whole Labour party running this country!

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