Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Liverpool Cathedral: Lutyens version

NLM has these links fom Pathe News to what it describes as the "Greatest Building that Never Was", the Lutyens version of Liverpool Cathedral.

The model of the Cathedral, from which the last two pictures are taken, was on display in 2007 in the Walker Gallery at a special exhibition, and is destined to be displayed in 2011 in the Liverpool Museum. In the 1930s Lutyens design was heralded as the second largest cathedral in the world.


leutgeb said...

My Grandmother was at school at the FCJ Convent 1925-34 and sang at the laying of the foundation stone.

JARay said...

My father had a gramophone record which was produced as an appeal for this Cathedral. It was spoken by the Archbishop (was it Archb. Downey?) and called A Cathedral in our Time.
I played it many times when I discovered Dad's record collection and his wind-up gramophone. He also had Caruso and Galli-Curchi, Challiapin and various monologues amongst his records...all 78's.
Here, in Perth, we are in the process of drastically restoring and rebuilding our Cathedral. Just as in Liverpool there was a far better design done by the priest-architect Mgr. John Hawes but we got a psuedo Gothic cathedral instead. Originally the cost of this restoration was to have been $25 million but that has now blown out to $32.9 million. We are about $7 million short at the moment. The restored cathedral might be ready at the end of this year.
Anyone vaguely interested in what this will look like can see an artistic impression of the finished product if you look on the appeal site which is:-
What the impression does not show is the cluster of other buildings around the cathedral including Royal Perth Hospital which is a massive complex to say the least.


Crux Fidelis said...

The crypt is the only part of Lutyens' design which came to fruition.

Crux Fidelis said...

The crypt is the only part of Lutyens' design which came to fruition.

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