Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pope's new GP

Pope Benedict aboard a papal flight, greats his new physician, Dr Patrizio Polisca, a cardiac specialist.
Being a man, I avoid doctors, they are always trying to organise your life, they never have anything positive to say. Look at the way Dr Polisca is looking at the Pope, I would be very, very worried if I were him.


GOR said...

“Being a man, I avoid doctors…”

Heh. Heh. Ain’t that the truth, Father!

I, too, avoid doctors - except when absolutely necessary. I terminated my last doctor after he took exception to the fact that I refused to see him annually for a “routine checkup”. My response was that as I am paying the freight for these sessions (no free healthcare here in the US!), I will decide when and if to visit him.

As to routine checkups, my position was that I view doctors much like I view plumbers and electricians – to be employed in case of emergency only. I don’t have the plumber or the electrician come in once a year to do a “routine checkup” on the pipes and wiring!

Now as to dentists…

Kate said...

'the avoidance of doctors'- I can almost see that becoming an anti social behaviour offence in the big brother/nanny state we inhabit!

nickbris said...

According to the" Powers that be"all ailments suffered by the Human Race in the history of the Universe are caused by Smoking so the Doctor must be asking His Holiness about the Marlboro habit.

Paulinus said...

Being a man, I avoid doctors, they are always trying to organise your life, they never have anything positive to say.

Harsh. we're not all like that, y'know

gemoftheocean said...


You're right. It's that kindly smile that's the tip off. "oh, and BTW, all those Bavarian pastries you've been scarfing? Forget it. I don't care if the nuns made them for you, special."

I've never believed in that "annual checkup" business, either.

Amanda said...

Fr Ray, as a faithful Catholic first and a GP second, I am deeply upset by your comments....only joking; they made me smile! But I do suspect you are in denial about some kind of serious or painful medical problem.....if you want some confidential advice or a check up, don't be afraid to let me know!! I can give you references from several priest friends who will tell you that I am kind, compassionate and very discrete....I don't charge either....much!!
All the best,
Spare a thought for your poor GP, s/he is human too!

Paul Viola said...

I don't know anything about Dr. Polisca (he could be impeccable), but when I saw the strange smile on his face, for some reason the thought of the oculist Galeazzi-Lisi, physician to Pope Pius XII, came to mind. I'm sure you all hear of him. He was so notorious that even the cardinals gathered at Pope Pius XII's deathbed did not credit his declaration of death. His embalming of the pope was even worse.

Check this out (yes, I know it's from Wikipedia):


pelerin said...

I think the doctor's smile in the photo is a somewhat nervous one as he realises the enormity of taking on his new patient.

Fr Ray - doesn't Amanda's kindly advice sound sensible? After all we go to a Priest for spiritual advice knowing that he is an expert in this field - likewise a lawyer for legal advice and we should visit a doctor trusting in his medical expertise. We have all read reports of doctors misdiagnosing but I understand everyone can ask for a second opinion.

Regarding annual checkups - I am not in favour of these unless there is good reason to suspect something. A cousin's wife died a week after she had her annual checkup and had been pronounced 100% OK!

Mulier Fortis said...

I do feel a twinge of sympathy for the doctor... can you imagine trying to persuade the Holy Father that he ought to take things easy...?

Unknown said...

Dr Polisca is almost certainly checking for a good vein in which to cannulate the Holy Father with that cheeky 'handshake'. I'm surprised he didn't kiss the ring to get a closer look, and perhaps slip on a tourniquet!

Patricius said...

Luke 5.31