Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Adult Faith

In the last few decades, the expression ‘adult faith’ fede adulta, 'grown up faith' has become a widespread slogan. It is often used in relation to the attitudes of those who no longer pay attention to what the Church and her Pastors say — which is to say, those who choose on their own what to believe or not to believe in a sort of ‘do-it-yourself’ faith. Expressing oneself against the Magisterium of the Church is presented as a sort of ‘courage’, whereas in fact not much courage is needed because one can be certain of receiving public praise.

Instead, courage is needed to adhere to the Church’s faith, even if it contradicts the 'order' of today’s world. Paul calls this non-conformism an ‘adult faith’. For him, following the prevailing winds and currents of the time is childish.
For this reason, it is part of an adult faith to dedicate oneself to the inviolability of life from its beginning, thus radically opposing the principle of violence, in defense precisely of the most defenseless.

It is part of an adult faith to recognize the lifelong marriage between one man and one woman in accordance with the Creator’s order, re-established again by Christ. An adult faith does not follow any current here and there. It stands against the winds of fashion.
Benedict XVI

Homily - First Vespers of the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
June 28, 2009


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Father! Each of us has only one purpose, and that is to get to Heaven. Clearly it is not about the world around us, as much as it is about our reasonable response to that world. It is not only foolish to ignore the Word of God, but also a means for bringing judgment on ourselves. When all is said and done, do we really want to answer for it?

Yes, we are sinners. Does that give us an excuse to sin, or is it rather a humbling admission in response to the love and mercy of God?

Volpius Leonius said...

The "adult faith" people are really like naughty little children who haven't yet grasped grown up virtues like duty, obedience and self sacrifice.

Thomas said...

I agree that those who blatantly disagree with the thoughts and morals of the Church are not at all displaying "courage". Adults especially should be faithful to what the Church as a whole believes as a guideline for what younger members of the Church should be doing. I don't see how anybody could disagree with that.

Ma Tucker said...

This gave me a good chuckle. Clarity is such fun.

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