Sunday, June 14, 2009

Malicious Comments

I have had a few malicious comments lately, all from the same "anonymous". I have recorded and am quite willing to publish "anonymous'" IP address, ISP, location and details of their computer if wretched, cowardly, poisonous "anonymous" persists in visiting this blog.
I understand it is not too difficult to identify who is the actual source of these comments with a bit of not too clever technology.


Franz said...

Not too difficult at all Father.

Jane Teresa said...

Sorry to hear this, Fr. Blake. Stay strong. Most of us are very supportive and appreciative of your blogging efforts.

George said...

Fr Ray - you are right, it's not too difficult to work out at all. We ALL know that the ultimate source of anything and everything that is nasty, malicious, cowardly and just plain downright evil is the devil himself. Hiding under the thin veil of an 'anonymous' label and throwing stones is infantile and pathetic. Anonymous, if you have a gripe then at least have the conviction of your beliefs and come on out in the open using sensible and appropriate language and let's all look at your issues through a post on Fr's blog. Then we can have some reasoned 'banter', we can look at your point of view and in turn you will receive all the benefit's of the collective wisdom of the Catholic Blogosphere

If 'anonymous' happens to be Catholic, however far they have seperated themselves from the Faith, usually through disobedience to Church Teaching (Pride - the devil's favourite!), then we must all pray they see the error of their ways and return through the Holy Sacrament of Confession to the right path.

If anonymous is 'of the enemy' then we must all still pray,

"Holy Michael the Archangel, defend us in this day of battle,.........."

Thank God for strong, faithful, 'front line' Priests like yourself Fr Ray - praying for you.

Fr Ray Blake said...

You obviously have serious concerns, why not email or telephone me, details are on the sidebar of my blog.

Of the three quarters of a million visits to this blog, yours alone is malicious!

Fr Ray Blake said...

On reflection, the Archbishop you mention, if your suggestions about his actions are correct, is acting outside of the law of the Church and could be the subject of proceedings under the penal code of the Church and possibly under civil law.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

From the Fr. Ray's comments about serious concerns and an Archbishop supposedly acting outside of the Church Law I suspect you have been hurt by someone in the Church, perhaps by several. I am sorry about this, you must always remember that the Church in this world is largely the Church of sinners, not saints. All, all of us go wrong and often do very bad things. Sometimes we do sin in response to others' sins, often our sins are more or less provoked or inspired by others' bad actions. We, however, must be strong and always try not to do bad things in response to bad things of others. But in this world it is is largely impossible, otherwise we were able to save ourselves - we cannot. It is our responsibility and our own sin in such cases, when we do bad in response to bad. We have no excuse for this, we must never do this.

Yes, there is a fundamental tragedy: we are surrounded and embraced by evil, get involved in it often against our own conscious will and and we cannot get out of it ourselves. And we often get angry when someone tells that we, so poor, are also personally responsible for this. I admit it may be really difficult to accept our responsibility. Church hierarchs, priests and archbishops, even the popes, however high in position, are just normal people, have the same problems and are similarly evil, embedded and embraced in this world's evil too.

There seems to be no escape. However, we Catholics have a hope (because we know it for sure) that our Lord will come and save us, save us mainly from ourselves, and our own evil, from the evil others do on us and the evil ws do on others. Remember the first person entered in Haven with our Lord Jesus Christ was not a saint apostle but a bandit and thieve condemned to death.

Please prey our Lord Jesus Christ, stay strong and do not spread further evil by hurting others and our Lord, repent and confess your sins. Believe in God.

If you are an atheist because you have strong evidensce that space shuttle astronauts did not see any gods, that religion is just a poisonous meme spread by a natural selection-like mechanism etc etc. Then science evidenced that this world has the beginning, the Big Bang, atheism is just the same competing meme spread by exactly the same mechanism, etc. etc. Believe other people who may tell you about God (even if they are bad people and actually do bad things) because belief, not evidence, is fundamental base of our life. I believe that my mother is indeed my mother although I have no strong evidence, when I read in a research paper how experiments were conducted I believe that this description is accurate and the data were not fabricated, when someone asks me a favour I believe he or she really needs this and is not just going to fraud, I believe when my little son tells me that he was singing songs at school, I believe my wife etc etc, in most cases without verifying and evidence. Believe in God, and believe God.

If you do this, you may help Him to stop evil and become a Saint, forever with Him in heaven.

Anonymous said...

Father, it may be that 'Anonymous' has mental health problems. I hope you get it resolved in some way soon. The rest of us are just very much encouraged by your blog - thank you for it.

Elizabeth said...

Dear Father Ray
I thank you so much for your blog and your kindly words telling me what I thought was right was in fact wrong. It took a while for my pride and ignorance to admit it but now I understand what you wrote when you said that God did not punish New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina. I would be so grateful for a reminder as to why?
As George, rightly wrote, you are doing so much good on your blog, teaching us so much about our faith that of course you will be attacked on all sides by Satan and his minions. Anonymous no doubt has many problems, whether they be demonic or mental, he may even being crying out for help. God alone knows.
But Father you are in our prayers and remember if there is a demon after our souls there will be a hundred demons after a Holy Priest or Bishop.

Thank you again and again. We will ask for St Michael the Archangel's intercession.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Thanks Father for everything you do for this American who reads this blog with quite regularity

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this news Father. It is good to voice opinions, even if they are not 'palatable',but one must be sincere and not malicious.

I hope that the 'anon' will contact you Father.

Fr. AG.

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Well if he's malicious doesn't mean he's mental!

Fr Ray Blake said...

The malicious and sexually offensive comments originate from a Mr Grady, these are his computer details: (Australia)

IP address: 124.176.184.# (Telstra Internet)
Telstra Internet
Continent : Oceania/Australasia
Country : Australia (Facts)

State/Region : Victoria
City : Melbourne

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0; GTB6; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; Media Center PC 5.0; .NET CLR 3.0.04506)

If they continue I shall publish his home address and telephone number, which shouldn't be too difficult to find.

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