Saturday, May 30, 2009

Deacon Needed

I've developed a passion about Solemn High Mass, it is about the Incarnation, about Divinisation, it is about the meeting of God and the high point of western art. It is the words and actions held sacred by generations of Saints and faithful people, the music and if you add the visual beauty, of fine vestments, of a building made for God's glory and consecrated by years of the prayer of His faithful, there is something quite mind blowing.

I had a meeting yesterday to discuss the music for Corpus Christi, as the obligation has been moved to the Sunday we thought we would have a High Mass on the Thursday evening, with a short procession.

We decided to settle on the Byrd Mass for Four Voices, isn't English Polyphony heavenly, all that soaring? Father Sean is going to be the celebrant, I am going to be subdeacon, first time ever, but we are still in need of a deacon, can anyone help out? A bed and dinner are on offer.


Anonymous said...

If I were a deacon, Father; if I were a deacon...

He might not be able to do it, but have you considered asking Fr Armand de Malleray of the FSSP's English Apostolate?

gemoftheocean said...

Oh, and DO let us know the ecstasy you reach when you get fatigued holding that paten at eye level throughout the consecration. I've asked Fr. Sean what that's all about on his facebook wall, but he either doesn't know, or he's not telling.

[Hope you find a deacon!] :-D

bernadette said...

Why not just draw lots. I'm sure SS Matthias and Barnabas would approve.

Malcolm Kemp said...

I have always thought of Solemn High Mass as the peak of Eucharistic worship. Somehow, concelebration doesn't inspire me like a SHM does (especially yours!. I suspect that lots of churches are beginning to wish they hadn't had their coloured humeral veils from High Mass sets turned into other things.

Byrd used a so much richer and more intense harmonic language that Palestina or even Vittoria and his dissonances can sound marvellous. Have a wonderful evening on the
11th. Unfortunately I'm singing in Sunny Worthing that evening.

Henry said...

A developing passion about Solemn High Mass is a sign that the Holy Spirit has got Brighton in His sights.

We need to have, too. And not before time.