Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jubilee Homily of Fr Sean Fineagan: ‘Good Jesu: what will you do with my heart?’

Here is a link to Father Sean Finnegan's homily at my jubilee on the Carthusian Martyrs and Vocation. A priest of the diocese describes him as the best preachers in the country, I am always biased about my friends.


Miles said...

A difficult claim to substantiate - but we are certainly very blessed to have him in Shoreham.

Mater mari said...

I heartily agree with your priest friend's assessment of Fr Sean's preaching, and drive many miles as often as we can to benefit from his God-given skill. Thank you so much for making his Jubilee sermon available to those of us unable to be present on Tuesday.

Ad multos annos, Father Ray!

ffn said...

Excellent sermon,as you rightly say,the Carthusian Martyrs are often overshadowed by their companion Martyrs John Fisher & Thomas More.