Saturday, May 16, 2009

Favourite Gift

The picture is not of me but the chasuble is mine, my camera has broken down otherwise I'd put up my own picture. Michael Sternbeck got it to me on the morning of my Jubilee, it is wonderful, it arrived in a tiny box from Australia, Michael put up a post about it which I have just seen. The stole has a huge baroque fringe on it, it is modelled on a renaissance vestment, the type of thing St Phillip Neri, St Charles Borromeo or St Pius V would have worn, the fabrics are quite subtle.
Do check out Michael's site and blog, and if you want to commission something remember the Australian dollar is very weak against the pound, dollar and euro, so you will get bargain.
Apart from me, other customers are Pope Benedict, Bishop Peter Elliot and Cardinal Pell. Michael's work deserves to be more widely known and appreciated.


Victoria said...

Thanks for reminding us about the weak state of the Australian dollar father! lol

Mary Fitzpatrick said...

I meant to tell you earlier today how beautiful I thought it was.

JARay said...

Well, Father, as someone who receives a pension from England I can tell you that the Australian dollar is stronger against the pound than it has been for several years.
That means, in my terms, I get less money than I used to receive!


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