Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Corpus Christi

I found these photographs on New Liturgical Movements they are from a parish feast day in Malta. I remember being going to a feastday celebration there with another priest, he said "You can understand why immigrants from the Mediteranean lapse when they come to the UK".

We intend celebrating Corpus Christi on the Thursday, in the Usus Antiquior with a short procession, I have invited a priest who can sing to celebrate, I am looking for a deacon and subdeacon who know what to do, any offers?

This is the one advantage of the bishops moving the Holy Days to the Sunday, if you still object sign the e-petition now, I was no 171.


Michael Clifton said...

I could be available that day if your Mass is in the Morning, but not in the evening as we have our own Mass at Ham that day. I still have a good voice (Cantor at Wonersh once and schola member) and can do a good solemn Gospel !

Asteroid said...

(OK, my name isn't Asteroid, it's Ashley - Google doesn't know better though)

I'm no.258!

Is there anything more we can do about this?

To me it seems especially daft to move Ascension - something clearly written about in Scripture as to when it occurred. It annoys me to hear that Catholics 'haven't got the time' for this when Anglicans manage so well. I even had an Anglican vicar getting at me (only half in jest) that they were the true Catholic church because they're the ones that still do things on the proper day!

I'd love to be with you on Corpus Christi - or at any other time, but 300 miles is a bit far to travel.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Fr Michael, I am afraid it is at 7.30pm.

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