Saturday, January 20, 2007

Agnes' Eve

Today is St Agnes' Eve, the Pope traditionally blesses two lambs on her feastday whose fleece will be used to make pallia for new Metropolitan Archbishops.
I do feel sorry for those poor trussed lambs.
It used to be the custom on Ester day in many monasteries for a lamb or two to be presented at Lauds for blessing, then immediately taken out, slaughtered and prepared for lunch.


Henry said...

Are they the lambs in the foreground. If they are, this is a ceremony that needs to be re-thought if we are not to attracted justified criticism. Why can't the lambs be blessed in their field? And taking the wool from them does not mean the lambs have to be killed.

ffn said...

I agree with you,Henry,no need to dress the lambs up like that!

Ttony said...

Thank you, Father, for your article's not being about, and your not quoting, Keats. On seeing your title, my heart ached, and a drowsy numbness pained my sense, as though of hemlock I had drunk. Back to Grammar School Eng Lit 35 years ago, and long stuffy classes "doing" the Romantics. This was not a clever choice for 14 year old boys.

Anonymous said...

From Orbis Catolicvs: