Sunday, January 14, 2007

Libera Nos, Domine

Now isn't this a good advert for praying for the Motu Proprio? I am not sure if it is a spoof, the Mentos bit I mean, but it is a "real" "Catholic" Mass presided over by Cardinal Mahoney in his Cathedral in Los Angeles. I am a bit shocked that receiving The Body of Christ, at the end is equated with eating a sweet but when the Liturgy is reduced to a cabaret then all becomes trivialised even Holy Communion.

From this nonsense, Good Lord deliver us.

h/t Mulier Fortis


surge said...

It is thought that the "Mentos" bit is a sacastic comment added by way of soundtrack further to point up that sadly the rest of it is a nonsense of religion.

Anonymous said...

I am sure I have seen extracts of this Mass before;if anything it is even worse than with the mentos soundtrack, as you say Fr. Lord deliver Us( ps I 'm sure it was a meaningful liturgy)

Physiocrat said...

The book, which looks like a mail order catalouge, is pretty tacky too. Yuk.

Anonymous said...

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nickbris said...

There is obviously a very active 5th column in America and the sooner we disassociate ourselves the better it will be for the whole of mankind

Anonymous said...

He didn't the earn the nickname baloney for nothing!

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