Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Mad World from the Abbessial Wheelchair

Another part of Fr X's conversation concerned a woman who we both knew ages ago, who is now a nun somewhere in France. The old Mother Abbess who is ninety plus and whose sight is a bit limited had to go to the local clinic for some tests, so Sister had to wheel Mother down to the clinic. On her way Mother said her beads, when they came out of the clinic and were almost home she said, "Let's go for a spin down to the square, I haven't been there for 6o years". Apart from medical necessities none of the nun's ever go out.
When they got back Mother said, "Thank God, back to sanity and reality. I am surprise we don't get more women wanting to come here. Everyone seems quite mad, did you see those men talking to themselves, talking quite loudly into their hands? Quite mad!"
Mobile phones of course.

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Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Good thing the Lady Abbess' eyesight was not up to seeing the bus and billboard adverts with the naked people. Imagine what the world would look like to someone who had been completely out of it for 60 years?!

What standards did public advertisements adhere to by law and aggreed business standards in 1947?

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