Sunday, January 28, 2007

Todays Angelus

The Holy Father releasing a dove today during the Angelus.
Peace between faith and reason, in Lebanon and Gaza, says Pope
Once more Benedict XVI calls for a dialogue between faith and reason to avoid today’s cultural “schizophrenia” and conflict with non Western cultures. He sees St Thomas Aquinas as bridge between western and Arab thought. He makes a special appeal for an end to violence in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. He releases two white doves, symbol of peace, with Azione Cattolica youth, telling them: “You are the true messengers of peace.” He mentions World Day of Leprosy.


Pastor in Monte said...

What a lot of doves popes seem to push out of windows. Is somebody breeding them for the purpose? And what happens afterwards? Do the doves get set on and mobbed by the tough Roman pigeons?

Fr Ray Blake said...

I recognise them Father, they are same doves that the Holy Father let loose the previous two times. Mgr Ganswein breeds then on the roof of the Swiss Guards Barrack.

Anonymous said...

Pastor in Valle,
Could they be papal prayer birds, from the Pope's children's liturgy?

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