Friday, January 19, 2007

When your engine overheats

Car blessing in Russia
h/t Clare
The Catholic
Be gracious,
O Lord God,
to our prayers
and bless + this vehicle with Thy right hand.
Send Thy holy angels to accompany it
that they may keep from all evils
those who ride in it;
and as once Thou didst grant faith and grace
through Thy deacon Philip
to the Ethiopian Eunuch riding in his chariot
and reading the word of God,
so now show the way of salvation
to Thy servants that,
always given to good works,
they attain to everlasting joys
after the vicissitudes of the journey
and of this life.
Through Christ our Lord.
As a non driver I rather like this, especially the reference to the Ethiopian Eunuch, it tends to make the boy racer of a new Testarossa think.

1 comment:

Mulier Fortis said...

Hey, I had my car blessed... and I didn't get all that! I'm going to go back and get the full works!!

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