Sunday, January 21, 2007

BBC on the Jesuits

Just a link to the programme on Radio 4 on the Jesuits, it is quite worth listening to.

Part of it was an interesting discussion on the Jesuits influence on science and the Enlightenment.


Nigel Aston, Reader in Early Modern History at the University of Leicester
Simon Ditchfield, Reader in History at the University of York
Dame Olwen Hufton, Emeritus Fellow of Merton College, Oxford
with Lord Bragg


Paulinus said...

Thought it odd that they didn't actually include any actual Jesuits. I wonder if they thought they were a kind of museum piece.

Fr Ray Blake said...

You might well say that, I couldn't possibly comment.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just listen that and I thing it's only a king of review of jesuit's history, nothing more but educational if you don't know nothing about them.

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