Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lacrimarum Valle's baby is coming

Matt Doyle and his wife Wendy are expecting a baby in the next few hours, I have actually never met them, but Matt is a young medical student and faithful Catholic and loving husband and a soon to be dad. Now, I don't ring up expectant parents every few hours just to see ... but I have been logging on to Lacrimarum Valle (Vale of Tears) regularly just to check on the baby and Wendy. I really do feel a strange affection, an e-affection, for them and indeed for the baby, who incidently they are going to call Madeleine after our mighty patroness, I am not sure if it is directly or indirectly, they have already arranged her baptism. I have added Matt's blog to the sidebar. I do feel like an e-Godfather, isn't it strange?

So let us invoke the Magdalen's intercession

Most Blessed Mary Magdalen, so acquainted with the vale of tears before your meeting with the Risen Christ, protect Madeleine named in your honour, intercede for her during her birth into this world and into the life of grace in baptism. Bring joy to her parents Matt and Wendy and to all her family. Watch over her as she grows up and comes to know her Redeemer and her Lord. Pray for her that she will always have trust in the Triumphant Resurrection and be with her when after many years of joy in this life she enters into the blessedness of Heaven with all the saints rejoicing at the Throne of the Lamb.

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