Thursday, September 24, 2009

Anglo-Saxon Gold

The amazing find of Anglo-Saxon gold, so much of it seems to be be decorated with cross in some form.

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Ma Tucker said...

You know Father, this find is really so funny. There is an inscription in Latin on one of the artifacts asking God to rise up against those that would deny him and have turned away from Him. Given Ireland is about to be put to the test once more on 2nd of October regarding the Lisbon "Treaty", I think the inscription is quite apt. Did you know that they refused to recognise even the historical Christian culture of Europe! I can't tell you the shenanigans that are going on over here, even amoung our own Bishops. Please pray for us, pray for our Bishops and priests and pray that God's Will be done. One cannot but think that we are being sorely tested especially since Ireland is constituted under The Blessed Trinity. We are being asked to submit our constitution in any conflicting areas to one that refuses to even mention God. Oh and by the way "The Standing Committee" of the Irish Bishop's conference has issued an emergency statement that we can vote yes or no in "good conscience" supporting Bishop Treanor's position. I have to say I am dumbfounded. However, please God we will walk in faith and deliver a result pleasing to Him. I would humbly request you and your readers' prayers at this time. Voting takes place 2nd of October. St Theresa of Liseaux is our patron for a no vote. Voting on the feast of Guardian Angels and counting of the feast of St Theresa (by the way our patron Saint was picked well before the date was set by our government. Her relics were taken around the country earlier this year so we have been so blessed by God's providence already.

God Bless

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